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The West Milford Education Foundation primarily relies on
private donor funding to sustain programs for students
and the township's school district. Your valued
contribution will help us to redefinecommunity
through education and youth development.

There are many ways to help the WMEF whether
its donating expertise, time, money or just
spreading the word of our cause through
social media.  We have links
to our Facebook and Linkedin pages.
What We Do

Everything WMEF does supports our objective of elevating the academic standing of West Milford's school district as measured by the percentage of high school graduates academically prepared for college and careers. Our vision is to transform West Milford into an enviable model for enhancing public education, and we do this by leveraging partnerships and resources for public education so all students can realize their full potential.

WMEF advocates for public education, organizes stakeholders, distributes resources, and connects assets to help prepare students for college and careers.

Why We Matter

There has never been a more critical time to improve our schools. Fiscal pressures at the national, state and county levels are squeezing and challenging our school district.

WMEF strives to deliver tools and resources to allow innovative educational programs to take root and flourish. We partner with with local and national organizations that support our mission of elevating the level of educational excellence throughout the West Milford public school system. Through strong donor support,our Grant Award Program and other resources we can bring to bear, we can raise the bar on academic achievement and make a difference in the future of our students and community.

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